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Pembunuhan Kilat Di Brazil

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Brazil - Man Quickly Murdered by Gunmen on Motorcycle 

The upcoming Olympic Games and the World Cup Brazil is set to host will be an out-of-control blood bath. When murder is more common than mosquitoes, you know you have a tough situation on your hands. Gunning someone down seems to happen without second thoughts in Brazil. It’s as natural as farting in water. You just pull your gun out, pop a few bullets in the motherfucker and ride off. With day concluded, you can look forward to killing someone else again the tomorrow.
Without overreacting, anyone who rides by you on a motorcycle in Brazil should be suspected as a potential gunman set to kill you. That’s not to imply that those who walk by you, ride a bicycle or drive in a car are any less dangerous, but motorcycles seem to be a popular choice of low level murderers who are never too far away.
If they made shooting one another on a motorcycle an Olympic sport, Brazil would be a gold medalist.


Sources : bestgore.com
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